Unclaimed Money in Missouri

Unclaimed money in Missouri refers to various assets that have been forgotten, abandoned, or left without any activity or contact between the owner and the holder, such as banks or companies, for a specific period. This includes everything from dormant cash accounts to the contents of safe deposit boxes, and even U.S. Savings Bonds. As the state’s largest repository for such items, the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office acts as the custodian of these unclaimed properties, ensuring their eventual return to their rightful owners or heirs.

Unclaimed money

Looking for Unclaimed


Check to see how you can claim lost cash and property.

Looking for Unclaimed


Check to see how you can claim lost cash and property.

How to search for unclaimed property

To begin your search, follow these simple steps:

1. Access the database Visit MoneyBot5000.com on your browser.

2. Perform a search: Once you are on the site, you’ll find a search field prompting you to enter your name or the name of your business. Input the relevant information as accurately as possible. If you’re searching for a common name, you may want to include a middle initial or city to narrow down the results.

3. Review the results: After submitting your query, the database will display a list of potential matches.

4. Identify your property: Scroll through the list to find an entry that matches your details. Verify that the address and other details correspond to a location or entity with which you have had a financial relationship.

5. File a claim: When you locate a property listing that you believe is yours, click the “Claim” button next to the listing. This will allow you to initiate the claim process.

Reclaiming lost assets with MoneyBot5000

To assist in reclaiming these lost assets, MoneyBot5000 provides a valuable public service through its extensive online database. This user-friendly system allows individuals and entities to search for unclaimed property under their name.

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To file a claim in Missouri, it’s crucial to first confirm your eligibility and gather the required documents, including:

Filing a claim

Proof of identity: A government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport confirming your identity is essential.

Proof of relationship to the property: This could be an original account number, policy number, or any official document that justifies your claim.

Legal documentation: If claiming as a legal heir, you need documentation proving your right to inherit, such as a will, trust, or death certificate of the deceased owner.

Proof of address: If the property is tied to a particular address, documents like utility bills, tax returns, or any government-issued correspondence that links you to that address are necessary.

Extended circumstances: In some situations, additional documentation may be requested, such as a marriage certificate or court documents, especially for complex claims involving estates or trust funds.

After submission

Once you have submitted your claim, you begin a multi-stage process that could eventually lead to being reunited with your property. Understanding these stages sets realistic expectations for the time frame involved.

Acknowledgment of claim receipt

The first stage is the acknowledgment by the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office that your claim has been received. This serves as confirmation that your submission has been successfully entered into the system for processing.

Review and verification process

This step is crucial as it ensures that rightful owners or heirs receive the property. The office personnel will check the legitimacy of documents, the accuracy of personal information, and the correspondence between claimant details and the original owner’s information.

Request for additional information

During this stage, it’s not uncommon for the office to request additional information or clarification. If additional documents are needed, you will be informed promptly, typically through the contact information provided in your claim.

Approval or denial decision

Once the review process is complete and all information is deemed satisfactory, a decision will be made to approve or deny the claim. If approved, you will be notified of the successful conclusion of your case.

Missouri Department of Revenue - Unclaimed Property Division

Unclaimed money


State Treasurer’s Office P.O. Box 1004 Jefferson City MO 65102-1272

Unclaimed money

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Monday—Friday 8am—4:30pm

Unclaimed money

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