About MoneyBot5000

Founded in 2024 and based in New York City, MoneyBot5000.com’s goal is to help empower users to take control of their money. There are billions of dollars being held in state governments everyday, could any of it be yours? Use MoneyBot5000 to search for yourself, your friends, or your family. Don’t miss out on funds that could be yours.

Why Unclaimed Money?

Because why not! It’s not too good to be true, start searching now. MoneyBot5000.com’s Unclaimed Money Search can help you track down checking and savings account funds, stock dividends, lost payroll checks, customer refunds, trust distributions, certificates of deposit, customer overpayments, utility security deposits, contents of safe deposit boxes, insurance payments or refunds, and life insurance policies and annuities. We look through millions and millions of unclaimed fund and asset records to help you find any that might be yours.

How does finding unclaimed money work?

Running an unclaimed money search is easy with MoneyBot5000 because we help you search many state records in one place. Simply enter your name and the state you’d like to search, and we will scan state records for any potential unclaimed funds. If you find money that belongs to you, we’ll direct you to the official state process for filing a claim to get that money back.

Tips for finding unclaimed money:

  1. Check back monthly - state databases are updated frequently.
  2. Check every state you’ve ever lived in (unclaimed money never expires!).
  3. Search for yourself, or any friends and relatives too.
  4. Look for entries that match your name and an address you’ve ever lived in.
  5. Review the results thoroughly! Sometimes the results might include small spelling or address errors - this is often why the money went missing in the first place.

How long does an Unclaimed Money Search take?

MoneyBot5000.com subscribers can look up unclaimed money records in a matter of minutes. The search will scan and analyze billions of records and potential record matches. Once the results are ready, you can view potentially claimable funds and assets based on the entered name, state, and relevant business.


What is unclaimed money?

Unclaimed money consists of funds and assets held by state and federal agencies along with private companies. The funds are registered to the rightful owners by name, and the records are maintained in searchable databases. The sources of the funds include bank accounts, back payments, and refunds. If you are owed unclaimed money, you are legally entitled to claim the funds and collect it.

Where can I look for unclaimed money?

There are several ways you can search for unclaimed money. Some states have unclaimed property portals where you can search for unclaimed property for each state individually. MoneyBot5000 aggregates these searches across all 50 states so you can easily search everywhere you may have lived in one place.

Can I find unclaimed property?

Yes, about 1 in 7 people have unclaimed property being held by a state  Unclaimed property is a general term used to describe all types of resources and assets. These assets are waiting to be collected by their rightful owner and can include refunds, overpayments, bonds, insurance payouts, and wages.

What can an unclaimed money search not find?

The limitations of unclaimed money searches depends on the specifics of what you are trying to find. For example, you can potentially search for registered and collected assets held by states and public companies. You won’t be able to find certain things like privately held assets (not publicly reported), certain class action lawsuit payouts, and rebates. These types of assets are not publicly available, so an unclaimed money search wouldn’t reveal them.

What do I do if I find unclaimed money that is mine?

If you find money that belongs to you, we’ll direct you to the official state process for filing a claim to get that money back. Each state has its own claims process that may vary in complexity, but the process is typically free. Please consult your state’s laws and regulations for specific details on your claims process.

Do I have to pay to claim my money?

Typically, you won’t need to pay a fee to claim your money, but every state has individual laws so you may have to consult your state’s laws and regulations.

How long will it take to get my money after I file a claim?

Timeline may vary across different states. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to fully verify and process a claim. Please consult your state’s laws and regulations for specific details on your claims process.