Do’s & Don’ts - Permitted and Prohibited Uses

MoneyBot5000 offers easy and affordable access to public record information. However, laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulate how you can use the information you obtain from MoneyBot5000.

Below are a few examples of some of the ways you can and can’t use public record information from MoneyBot5000. Using MoneyBot5000 information in the ways marked as “Don’t” below violates both our Terms & Conditions and the law, and can lead to possible criminal penalties. We take this very seriously, and reserve the right to terminate user accounts and/or report violators to law enforcement as appropriate.

Do – Look yourself up

Use MoneyBot5000 to search yourself in any state you’ve lived in and see if any business might hold unclaimed money in your name.

Do – Encourage friends and family to look themselves up

Your friends and family might have unclaimed money held in state governments too. Anyone can use our tools to search for money in their name, and find information to file a claim. By recommending MoneyBot5000, you could be someone’s hero today and when they receive that check, they’ll be sure to thank you!

Don’t – Screen people

You can’t use MoneyBot5000 to screen people for employment or vet people in connection with a charity or non-profit.

Don’t – Stalk, Spy or Contact People Against Their Wishes

Use MoneyBot5000 responsibly and respect peoples’ right to privacy. Even if you find them unclaimed money in their name, if they don’t want to be contacted, you should respect their wishes.

Don’t – Steal an Identity

Identity theft is a serious offense with serious consequences. Don’t do it!

If you still are not sure whether your use of MoneyBot5000 is OK, we encourage you to review our complete Terms & Conditions, which provide the final say on how you can use information from MoneyBot5000, or to Contact Us. If you wish to use information for a purpose that is not allowed by MoneyBot5000, please visit the website of a Consumer Reporting Agency.