Common Questions

What is MoneyBot5000?

Moneybot5000 offers an easy way to search for unclaimed money. Search all 50 states in one place and see if you might find unclaimed money for yourself, your friends, or your family.

Where does the unclaimed money come from and how to get it?

Moneybot5000 offers an easy way to search for unclaimed money in different states from one website. Unclaimed money, also called unclaimed property, is money that is held by the state after the rightful owner fails to collect it, typically within the period of a year. Your state of residence may be holding your unclaimed money for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Overpaying a bill, then relocating: The state will collect and safeguard your money if a company cannot locate you or doesn’t know your new address.
  • Switching bank accounts during a move.
  • Bank failures.
  • Unpaid wages or unclaimed pensions.
  • Tax refunds: If your refund was unclaimed or undelivered, the state may keep it until you claim it.
  • Inheritance: The state may safeguard your inheritance if you do not claim it.

With MoneyBot5000, the only information you need to search for any unclaimed funds is your first and last names and the state you believe may be holding that money (which may be the state you currently reside in or any state you previously lived in). If you find unclaimed money associated with your name, MoneyBot5000 will direct you to the applicable, official state website to start the claims process, which is typically free.

Each state has their own claims process that may vary in complexity. Each state has its own rules on how to retrieve this money, such as whether or not you can do it online, or if you have to do it by mail. You will also likely have to prove that the money is yours by presenting a form of identification.

The time it will take to get your money depends on the state. Some states can process claims in as little as 2 weeks, whereas others may take as long as 6 months. For more detailed information, you may want to inquire about the timeline and whether or not you will be able to check up on the status of the claim online.

How do I search MoneyBot5000?

Once logged in, navigate to the unclaimed money search dashboard. From there you can enter your first name, last name, and any state you lived in. You will need to enter all three to narrow the results and increase your chances of finding unclaimed money in your name. Once you have results, you can review the entire list looking for any names and addresses that match your own.

Tips for finding unclaimed money

  • State databases are updated frequently, so check back monthly.
  • Unclaimed money doesn’t expire, so search every state you’ve lived or done business in
  • You can search for yourself, relatives and friends
  • Your money might be missing because the business had the incorrect spelling of your name or address, so look for small variations in both to be sure you don’t miss anything

How do I access the login page? It’s not on the main website

If you are an existing member you can visit and click the “LOG IN” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can also use this URL to go directly to the Log In page: Then you will need to enter the email address you used to sign-up to MoneyBot5000 and your password. Depending on your browser settings, you may be automatically logged in OR your browser may auto-fill your email and password.

Are my searches private?

Yes, searches are private. No one will be notified if you search their name.

Is MoneyBot5000 safe to use?

Absolutely. Your privacy is important to us. MoneyBot5000 compiles our data from information that is publicly available. We do not go through private data. Any information you personally share with us will not be added to our search results and we do not sell the information you provide to us to third parties. Learn more about our privacy policies on this page. For answers to specific questions, contact us at [[email protected] ](mailto:[email protected] ).