Our Data

MoneyBot5000 aggregates countless sources of public records to help you search for money, assets, and funds with Unclaimed Money Search. We empower users to take control of any possible missing money.

What data can MoneyBot5000 provide?

MoneyBot5000 has access to millions of records to help you find any unclaimed money you may be owed.

What is our public record data?

Unclaimed money, also called unclaimed property, is money that is held by the state after the rightful owner fails to collect it, typically within the period of a year. These records are publicly available to search so that anyone can be reunited with their unclaimed money.

Was this data always available?

Yes, each state has laws and unclaimed property programs that make this data available for anyone to search.

Is your data accurate?

We curate data across all 50 states, which gives us access to millions of data points. We try to provide the most relevant results to each search, but finding no results does not guarantee there is no unclaimed money in your name out there. Records are updated regularly, so we recommend coming back to search again frequently.