How to Claim Unclaimed Money in Idaho

There may be money, assets, or property waiting for you in the form of your dormant bank accounts, stocks, bonds, or even the content of safe deposit boxes. These assets become “unclaimed” when they are forgotten and left with no activity or contact with the owner for a significant period, typically up to three years in Idaho.

Reclaiming such unclaimed property is a straightforward process these days with tools like MoneyBot5000. This guide will dive deeper into exactly what constitutes unclaimed property in Idaho and how you can claim it.

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Types of unclaimed property

In Idaho, unclaimed property can encompass a diverse range of assets that may have slipped through the cracks. Examples of this can include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking and savings accounts: These often go unclaimed after inactivity or when institutions lose contact with the account holder.
  • Stocks and mutual funds: Sometimes left unattended or lost due to changes in mailing addresses or company mergers.
  • Uncashed dividends or payroll checks: These can become unclaimed if they are not deposited within the stipulated time frames.
  • Refunds: From utilities or other service providers, which were issued but never cashed.
  • Traveler’s checks: These remain unclaimed primarily due to the owners forgetting they possess them.
  • Trust distributions: Often go unclaimed when beneficiaries are unaware of their entitlements.
  • Unpaid life insurance benefits: May become unclaimed when beneficiaries are not notified or are unaware of the policy.

How to search for unclaimed money in Idaho with MoneyBot5000

Follow the simple steps below to find unclaimed property in Idaho:

1. Visit MoneyBot5000: Navigate to the MoneyBot5000 website and sign up for or log in to your account.

2. Enter your details: Enter your first and last name, or your business name in the search bar. Consider searching for any maiden names, aliases, or common misspellings you may have used.

3. Initiate the search: Click on the search button to begin your query.

4. Review potential matches: The system will present a list of potential matches. Scan these to identify any items that may belong to you.

5. File a claim: If you discover a property that you believe is yours, you can typically start the claim process directly through MoneyBot5000. Simply click the claim button next to the relevant item and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you’ve found unclaimed property in Idaho,it is time to file a claim with the Unclaimed Property Division of the State Treasurer’s office. This due diligence is a crucial step to ensure that the rightful owner receives the property. The verification process involves the following:

Filing a claim in Idaho

Gather documentation -The claimant’s proof of ownership, which may include documented evidence of association with the unclaimed property, is essential to establish proper entitlement.

Additional information requests -Should the initial documents be insufficient or raise queries, the Division may contact claimants for additional information or clarification.

Approval or denial of claims -Upon satisfaction that the claimant has a rightful claim, the Division will approve the claim. If there is a discrepancy or inconsistency, the claim may be denied, an action which the Division will communicate in writing, explaining the reasons.

Processing timelines

In terms of expected timelines, the verification process can vary, but applicants should anticipate a standard processing time that could take several weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity of the claim and the current volume of claims being processed by the Division.

Seizing opportunity with unclaimed property in Idaho

The journey to reclaiming unclaimed property in Idaho offers a promising avenue for residents to recover forgotten funds and valuable assets. Whether it includes dormant bank accounts, unclaimed dividends, or neglected insurance payouts, these resources can offer a much-needed financial boost.

Residents of Idaho should view the pursuit of unclaimed property as a routine financial check-up, a periodic verification that no stone is left unturned in managing one’s personal finances. With no statute of limitations, the door remains perpetually open for claimants, inviting a continual search and recovery of assets that rightfully belong to them.

Idaho Department of Revenue - Unclaimed Property Division

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Idaho State Treasurer's Office, Unclaimed Property Office, P.O. Box 83720, Boise ID 83720-9101

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8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday–Friday

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