Unclaimed Money in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, as in other states, unclaimed money typically originates from various sources where there is a breakdown in communication between the entity holding the funds and the rightful owner. These sources often include, but are not limited to:

  • Dormant bank accounts that have been inactive for an extended period and the account holder cannot be reached.
  • Outstanding checks that have not been cashed, such as payroll checks, refunds, or dividends.
  • Unreturned security deposits from landlords or utility companies where the company owes a balance back to the customer.
  • Unclaimed safe deposit boxes where the bank has lost touch with the renter, and the rental period has expired.
  • Stocks, mutual funds, or bonds where dividends or distributions have gone unclaimed.
  • Life insurance policies where beneficiaries may not be aware of the policy or insurance companies cannot locate the beneficiaries.
  • Unclaimed inheritance where heirs may not be aware of their entitlement or cannot be located by estate executors.

Laws of Rhode Island require entities holding unclaimed property to perform due diligence by attempting to contact owners of property valued at $50 or more before it is turned over to the state. This usually involves sending a letter to the last known address of the property owner. If these efforts fail, these entities are legally obligated to report the unclaimed property and hand it to the state’s custody.

Unclaimed money

Looking for Unclaimed


Check to see how you can claim lost cash and property.

Looking for Unclaimed


Check to see how you can claim lost cash and property.

Searching for unclaimed money

Finding unclaimed money in Rhode Island is now streamlined and user-friendly with MoneyBot5000. Here’s how you can navigate the search process using this innovative platform:

1. Access MoneyBot5000

Start your search by visiting the MoneyBot5000 website. This can easily be accessed directly via URL or by searching “MoneyBot5000 unclaimed property” in your preferred search engine.

2. Search for your assets

Upon entering the website, head to the search section, prominently displayed on the homepage. Input your details such as your first and last name, or the name of a business if you are searching for assets related to a company.

3. Review search results

After submitting your search criteria, MoneyBot5000 will present a list of potential matches. Take your time to review this list to identify any properties that might belong to you. The displayed information typically includes property ID, the name of the holder (the company or entity that reported the unclaimed property), and the type of property.

4. Select potential claims

As you find items that appear to be yours, select each for further details. MoneyBot5000 provides detailed instructions on how to proceed with each claim.

5. Begin the claim process

MoneyBot5000 will guide you through verifying your identity and your relationship to the unclaimed property, helping ensure a secure and rightful claim. You’ll need to gather necessary documentation—typically current photo identification and possibly additional identifying documents like a Social Security card.

Support for claimants

MoneyBot5000 is dedicated to helping reunite individuals with their lost or forgotten assets and offers thorough resources to help make the process as seamless as possible.

For those who prefer personal assistance or have specific inquiries, MoneyBot5000’s customer support can be reached directly through their platform. Their staff members are available to answer questions, provide guidance on filing claims, and help you understand what documentation you’ll need.

If you’ve discovered that you have unclaimed money in Rhode Island, filing a claim is your next step. Here’s how to access and properly fill out the necessary forms:

Filing a claim for unclaimed money

Visit the official site -Navigate to Rhode Island’s Unclaimed Property – Official State Site (findrip.com).

Verify eligibility -Before you can claim the property, you need to verify your eligibility. This generally means confirming your identity in relation to the listed property.

Complete the claim form -You will be directed to an online claim form. This form requires detailed information, such as your full name, address, and proof of relation to the unclaimed property.

Provide identification -The standard identification required includes a current photo ID (driver’s license or passport) and a copy of your Social Security card. Be sure to have these documents at hand when filling out the form.

Claim what’s yours

Just think of how reclaiming these funds could help improve your current financial situation. Imagine what it would be like to receive a check for a sum you never knew was missing. To spend, save, or invest that money could make a real difference in your life. This isn’t simply about numbers in a database, but about possibilities and opportunities that await when you decide to pursue what’s owed to you.

The best part? You have the support of MoneyBot5000 to help guide you.

Rhode Island Department of Revenue - Unclaimed Property Division

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Office of the Rhode Island General Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Division, 50 Service Ave Warwick RI 02886

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8:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday

Unclaimed money

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Check to see how you can claim lost cash and property.