Unclaimed Money in New Jersey

Unclaimed property in New Jersey encompasses a wide array of assets that have been forgotten or left behind, now safeguarded by the state until the rightful owners or heirs are identified. These often include, but are not limited to:

  • Dormant bank accounts: Accounts that have been inactive with no customer-generated activity for an extended period.
  • Insurance payouts: Rewards that could not be delivered, perhaps due to outdated contact information.
  • Utility deposits: Deposits made to utility companies that were never reclaimed after the service concluded.
  • Stocks and bonds: Investments that may have been lost track of over time.
  • Uncashed checks: Such as paychecks, dividends, or refunds that were never cashed by the recipient.
  • Safe deposit box contents: Items left in bank safe deposit boxes that have not been accessed or claimed.
  • Annuities and trust funds: Financial arrangements that have not been activated or claimed.
  • Physical property: In some instances, items with monetary value that go abandoned.
Unclaimed money

Looking for Unclaimed


Check to see how you can claim lost cash and property.

Looking for Unclaimed


Check to see how you can claim lost cash and property.

The New Jersey Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA)

The New Jersey Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) operates as an essential component of the state’s Department of the Treasury, being the custodian and proactive facilitator of unclaimed assets. This entity is the principal authority that upholds the Unclaimed Property Statute—a regulation designed to ensure the protection of New Jersey residents’ property rights for belongings that have gone unclaimed. The administration manages these properties that have not seen activity for an extended period—typically three years—in accordance with New Jersey’s statutory dormancy guidelines.

As these properties enter the dormancy period, businesses are required by state law to report and remit them to the UPA. It is the UPA’s obligation to safely hold these reported properties in perpetuity or until the rightful owner or their successors come forward. To try and ensure the accessibility and visibility of these unclaimed funds, the New Jersey UPA maintains a comprehensive database, available to the public through their official website.

Searching for unclaimed property

Beginning your search for unclaimed property in New Jersey is a straightforward process with MoneyBot5000. Here’s a guide to help you access and use the MoneyBot5000 online search tool:

1. Visit the official website: Open your preferred web browser and go to the MoneyBot5000 official website. This can be done by typing the URL directly into your browser’s address bar or by conducting a search for “MoneyBot5000” and selecting the appropriate result.

2. Locate the search tool: Once the website is loaded, find the search function. This is usually prominently featured on the site to facilitate easy access. In case of difficulty, utilize the website’s search function by entering keywords such as “unclaimed property search”.

3. Enter your information: On the search page, you’ll be prompted to enter your details to check the database for any matches. Enter your name or the name of the person for whom you’re searching. Be as accurate as possible, and if available, include a middle initial or full middle name to refine the search results.

4. Review the results: After submitting your search query, a list of potential property matches will be displayed.

When you’ve identified a potential unclaimed asset, the next pivotal step is to establish your eligibility and substantiate your claim. This involves verifying your identity and proving your rightful ownership or legal right to the unclaimed property.

Claiming unclaimed property in New Jersey

Confirming eligibility -To initiate your claim, you must ascertain your status as the rightful owner or heir to the unclaimed property. This determination is straightforward if you recognize your name, prior addresses, or a familiar account number linked to the funds. In instances involving deceased relatives, proving that you are the legal heir is essential.

Gathering required proof -The State of New Jersey requires specific documentation to verify your claim. This includes, but may not be limited to:

  1. A government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, military ID, passport)
  2. Proof of Social Security Number (Social Security card, medicare card)
  3. Documentation linking you to the unclaimed funds (such as pay stubs, utility bills, account statements)
  4. Legal documents establishing heirship (marriage certificate, adoption papers, divorce decree, or court papers for estates)

Filling out the claim form accurately -Once you’ve gathered the necessary documentation, visit the UPA’s official website to access and complete the claim form.

After filing your claim

Monitoring and addressing claim status

Once you’ve filed a claim for unclaimed money in New Jersey, the process of retrieval is not over. It’s essential to keep track of the claim’s status and know how to address any potential issues that may arise during the evaluation period.

The New Jersey Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) provides an option to check your claim status online. Here’s how to monitor it:

1. Visit the official website: Navigate to the New Jersey Unclaimed Property Administration’s official website. Look for the section specifically addressing existing claims.

2. Claim inquiry: Use the “Claim Inquiry” feature available on the platform. You will typically need to enter your claim number and possibly other identifying information, such as your last name or business name associated with the claim.

3. Review claim status: After entering your information, review the status provided by the system. The status could range from “Received” to “Processing”, “Pending Documentation”, “Approved”, “Denied”, or “Paid”.

New Jersey wants its residents to have what is duly theirs, and so the Unclaimed Property Statute helps ensure that the right to your abandoned or lost property never expires. With one in seven residents having unclaimed assets, it’s possible that you might find something in your favor.

New Jersey Department of Revenue - Unclaimed Property Division

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Department of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property Administration, P.O. Box 214 Trenton NJ 08625-0214

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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday

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